5 Types of People Who Are Shocked By Pilates!

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5 types of people who change their minds about Pilates as soon as they try it!

It always amazes me when I hear someone say that Pilates is not for them. I always ask why and get so many different responses from it’s only for women to it’s only for dancers to…well, just about every response is different.

Next I do everything I can to drag these folks into one of my classes where they are invariably shocked at how heart-pumping, athletic…”wow, what a workout,”…”that was Pilates??!!”

Here’s an excellent brief review of all these myths…

Have a look!

Surprising Types of People Pilates is Perfect For


When Joseph Pilates created his groundbreaking method of body conditioning, he famously foresaw people around the world doing his exercises, from childhood throughout adulthood. That means everybody—and every body—can and should do Pilates….

1. Men

A common belief these days is that Pilates is for women—especially dancers—and even that Pilates was created for dancers. That myth is perpetuated by all the Pilates ads that show women doing dancer-type moves on a mat. No wonder men feel self-conscious about taking a Pilates class!

The truth is that Pilates was originally created for everybody, men and women. As a boxer and fencer, Joseph Pilates designed his method as a way of cross-training for the other types of exercise he enjoyed doing. He even designated certain exercises for men. There are many famous photos of him teaching men in his studio, and quite a few of his male clients went on to teach Pilates professionally for the rest of their lives….

My studio has a healthy number of men who attend class right alongside the women. They tell me Pilates has helped their golf game, eliminated their back pain, helped them run faster and better, and improved their flexibility.

Men also tend to assume Pilates is easy, or that it can’t be effective since it doesn’t involve heavy weights. But Pilates trains the body from the inside out, rather than most forms of exercise that work the superficial, large muscles. And it’s those deep, intrinsic muscles that, once toned, create changes in our other sports, our posture, and ultimately our quality of life.

2. Senior Citizens

Joseph Pilates lived well into his 80s, and some of his former students are still alive today, practicing and even teaching the method. Pilates is the perfect exercise for seniors because it improves joint mobility and flexibility and is non-impact. It’s a great way to keep arthritic joints moving.

I see a nice variety of ages in my classes; they’re not just full of young, flexible people. And my senior students tell me how much they’ve benefited from Pilates. Just the other day, one said he can touch his toes for the first time in years.

There are also the mental and psychological benefits. Studies associate longevity with continuously learning new skills, and a studio setting is a wonderful place to socialize, an activity important to seniors’ happiness.


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