8 Most Common Exercise Myths!

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8 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Workout!


A fitness guru tells us 8 things we often think are true about exercise that just plain aren’t! And the truth shall make you free – and a lot healthier! And your workout more efficient and effective!

#1 is the most common myth – I hear it just about every day! Exercising smart can save you so much time while achieving even better results!

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8 Fitness and Health Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now


To help you weave through the many exercise myths and misconceptions about fitness and health, Bowflex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland shares his insight and expertise to reveal the truth about some of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of exercise and diet.


“I have to spend at least one hour in the gym to see results.”

Holland feels that this is one of the most misunderstood aspects of exercise.

“This myth actually plays into the number one reason people cite for not exercising, namely lack of time,” he said. “There is now significant research indicating that smaller bouts of exercise done throughout the day can yield big results.”

He also explained that even breaking 30 minutes of activity into three separate 10-minute sessions throughout the day can produce the same effect. “Even one- to two-minute, short bursts of exercise have significant value over time,” he added.


“I’m exercising, so I can eat whatever I want.”

“Research has shown that combining healthy eating and diet is the ‘secret’ to losing weight and keeping it off long term,” Holland said.

“Burning a few hundred calories through exercise and reducing caloric intake by a few hundred each day will lead to one to two pounds of weight lost per week—a realistic and sustainable goal.”


“If I eat organic or gluten-free, I’ll lose weight.”

“Many food companies have made making healthy food choices increasingly difficult over the past few decades with increasingly bold, and often confusing, marketing tactics,” Holland explained.

“Just because a product is advertised as healthy does not necessarily mean it is.” He suggests that you always read labels carefully and choose foods that have the least number of ingredients.

Also, aim to buy products made with ingredients that you recognize. “Look for total calories, and try to choose foods that are the least processed and in their most natural state,” he said.


“Fitness shakes are only for bulking up.”

Your nutritional needs ultimately depend on your goals, but Holland says that all types of exercisers can benefit from protein shakes.

“Protein shakes can offer a range of benefits, such as providing a pre-workout energy boost, serving as a meal replacement, or aiding in post-workout recovery,” he said. “They also help activate metabolism, build muscle and refuel the body.”

He recommends choosing a shake that offers plenty of nutrients without going overboard on calories and sugar. He pointed out the line of shakes by Bowflex Body™ as an example of a good choice. “You can customize your shake to fit your individual needs, be it to aid in weight loss or to help build muscle,” he explained.

These next 4 are even more surprising, especially #6 – I hear #6 just about every day! Click this link for the final 4: http://www.theactivetimes.com/8-fitness-and-health-myths-you-need-stop-believing-now-slideshow?

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