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We’re on a mission to bring you the very best in the Pilates world each day, highlighting the vitality and creativity that has made Pilates the most popular workout worldwide! And to be sure our voices are unhindered, most of us have decided to remain anonymous for the time being!
You see, Joseph Pilates is the ‘Einstein of Fitness‘ and since his death in 1967 there have been many changes. We think change is good! But some of our more established teachers and leaders and training schools have become a bit set in their ways. It’s natural. It happens to every institution – once established it becomes rigid, gray and inflexible. For great examples of what we’re talking about see the posts by Brett Miller (“He’s Shaking Up the Pilates Establishment“) and Bob Hannum (“Wordy Pilates is a Danger to Your Health!“).
Our purpose is to keep you informed and tell it like it is! We keep tabs on all the most dynamic instructors and thinkers today and make sure you hear what they’re saying and see what their doing! These are people you likely won’t hear about in the established Pilates blogs, magazines and schools.
But we’re not just about controversy! We also post about new products, best teachers, top quality videos, inspiring quotes – anything and everything worth sharing.
Who are we exactly? To say that we love Pilates isn’t even the half of it! We’ve been teaching it for decades. We’ve written books and videos and have our own websites. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and certified by Trustify – click the seals in our sidebar for details.
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