Are You Running In Pain? Read This!

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Lessons learned by this runner for dramatically reducing joint and muscle pain!


We often overlook the rehabilitative power of Pilates. This brief post explains how Pilates is the perfect antidote to the many problems facing avid runners, especially in their joints and muscles.

Lengthening, stretching and strength training which are combined in every Pilates exercise are the perfect way to counteract the joint compression and consequent pain and immobility facing long distance runners.

Here’s how Pilates saved this marathon runner!

Make me a better runner: Pilates – Training

As runners, we’re made abundantly aware of how important it is to cross train. Running-free workouts – such as cycling, yoga and more – help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. You know this. I know this. Still, that doesn’t mean I do it – to my own detriment. My body has a one-in, one-out policy when it comes to running injuries: this year, I’ve landed IT band syndrome, shortly followed by tib post tendon dysfunction in my ankle that forced me to pull out of the London Marathon. Once I was back on the road again, in popped Achilles tendonitis to remind me that, yes, I’m still not invincible…..

“The high-impact, repetitive action of running stresses joints. Poor alignment or muscular imbalance, when paired with this repetitive stress, results in pain and injury,” says Dawne Likhodedova, the founder of London studio bePilates. “Regular Pilates practice will give runners improved leg alignment and core strength to minimise injury. Runners benefit from improved range of motion in the feet, legs and hips to maximise the power to go further, faster.” Perfect.

In order to fix the many imbalances putting my marathon ambitions on hold, I’m taking on regular classes at bePilates over the next few weeks. With sessions including everything from basic Pilates matwork to action with Reformers and Towers, I’ll be looking to overhaul my running form…..

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