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Just Awarded! – “Best Free Pilates Lessons”

How about the best for free?!

Full Disclosure: Bob is a member of our ‘anonymous’ group that manages this site so we are absolutely delighted to see him get this well-deserved recognition. Photos courtesy of Bob.

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Needless to say Bob recused himself from our decision to include this post! But he is happy as heck to have received this great award. The article tells it much better than we ever could – his incredible credentials, amazing teaching style and professional video production.

Congratulations Bob! Way to go! Oh and by the way, you can get these lessons by clicking that pink button at the top of this page!

Take a look!

Top Free Online Pilates Lessons

There are dozens of sources of free online Pilates lessons, most notable on Youtube. So we’ve taken a considerable amount of time to view many of them. Not all, but over 3 dozen currently available on Youtube and websites….

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Bob Hannum at is the winner of our first annual ‘Best Free Pilates Lessons’ award, and his instruction is distinguished by 3 factors:

  1. High quality video: unlike most of the other videos we reviewed, his are professionally produced and high quality….
  2. Wonderful teaching style: the pro look of his videos is not the chief reason for our highest regard. It’s his amazingly simple presentation. No complicated ‘wordiness’ as he calls it, which has become so prevalent in Pilates world today, even by well-known instructors. And this is by design! Bob explained to us that he painstakingly removed any words that aren’t absolutely needed, and this was the hardest part of his training. He’s convinced after studying Joseph Pilates on film and speaking with a Pilates Elder that this is the way Mr. Pilates originally taught! It took Bob decades to create this simple but rich presentation making Pilates so much easier to understand and learn. His instruction is the template for the future of Pilates. We are wild about this simplicity. You will love it as much as we do!
  3. Excellent credentials: His credentials are as superior as anyone in the Pilates world today with 40 years experience, trained by the ‘Pilates Elder’ Mary Bowen, and specializing in the mat program. But he’s not a member of Pilatesology or Pilates Anytime, preferring to offer his instruction exclusively on his website at

He offers 18 lessons delivered to your email address each day followed by a great weekly post offering brief tips and research updates. Each lesson is under 5 minutes.

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He has a quiet delivery that’s engaging and relaxing. He also keeps you safe no matter what your fitness level with lots of cautions and reminders. Best of all, he briefly demonstrates the goal of each exercise, and then breaks it down into simple step-by-step moves.

We think he’s so good that even if you’re an experienced Pilates practitioner or instructor, you’ll love his unusual and highly effective teaching style. We wish he were more known. His instruction should be the gold standard for all the rest of us….

To start his free lessons go to and sign up!

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From One of Today's Leading Instructors! Just Awarded 'Best Free Online Pilates!'

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