Best Home Workout – We Know It But Do You?

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Just Awarded ‘Best Free Online Pilates!’


We are so proud of our colleague Bob Hannum whose free online home workout was just awarded the best on the web!

We are not surprised! Bob has been teaching for 4 decades, specializing in the original mat Pilates program.

Not only that, he’s been on a mission to make Pilates easy to learn. He’s written several influential articles calling for a return to a simple and easy way to learn this amazing exercise.

Now you get him for free! What’s the catch? He hopes you’ll get so impressed that you buy his book! But he’s not in your face about it! Pretty good deal!

Read what all the excitement is about!

Workout at Home or During Your Work Break for the Ultimate Exercise Convenience!


Why is mat Pilates the best?

  1. You can do it anywhere and anytime without equipment or a gym.
  2. It’s a total workout combining everything your body needs – strength, flexibility and cardio.
  3. It’s the most popular exercise method worldwide, used by pro athletes, celebrities and physical therapists.
  4. And now it’s free!

That’s right! Sign up here (we made it easy for you to get Bob’s lessons by signing up in the boxes to the right or just below!) and you’ll learn from one of today’s leading Pilates instructors, and these lessons were just awarded ‘Best Free Online Pilates.’

Home Workouts Are Best Without Equipment

Pilates mat exercise is particularly suited for use at home or work because it’s the best example of using your own body for resistance. This latest fitness trend is the ultimate in convenience, enabling you to workout without the need for any equipment or facilities. Thus you can do this method anywhere and anytime – at home, in the workplace, in a hotel room, when visiting friends or family – I even do it in airports while waiting for my next flight!

click page 2 below for more about why this exercise program is so beneficial for home and office!

Pilates Home Workout - Free!

From One of Today's Leading Instructors! Just Awarded 'Best Free Online Pilates!'

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