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The best Pilates thinkers and writers today!

Here is a brief review of the 3 best Pilates blogs today to which I add 1 more! The list was put together by Alycea Ungaro who writes for and who we add to our top blogs. By the way, we think ours here at GetYourPilatesOn is pretty good as well! That makes 5!


Their newsletters and websites are free and easy to access (Alycea is at The other 3 are listed below in Alycea’s fine review.

We must mention that Brett Miller’s (PilatesIntel) could be more user-friendly – we haven’t figured out how to bypass his newsletter sign-up every time we want to re-read one of his posts. That said his stuff is so consistently interesting and well-written that of these top 5, his is the best by far!

These are well worth subscribing to and keeping your eyes on!

Full Disclosure: We have previously posted content from Alycea and Brett.

Here’s Alycea’s excellent review!

The great thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice! Of course the bad thing about the internet is…..everyone has a voice. In the Pilates world, we’ve got our share of vocal participants and the Pilates blogger is not something new. However, a few of the industry players have taken their blogging platform to a higher place.

Here is a short list of three blogs I feel are worth reading.

My criteria for inclusion were simple and all three made the cut in each area. Specifically, I required that the blogs be responsibly written, that they seek to open dialogue and not indoctrinate their reader and are also visually relevant.  There is a surplus of Pilates content out there and many authors satisfy two of the three criteria. For this article however, I chose to highlight those with all three elements, and what I consider to be the perfect trifecta for an appropriate use of blogging in the Pilates world….


Pilates Intel (

Brett Miller writes this column in a funny, cheeky and accessible voice. He writes to us from Stockholm as an American expat. I particularly appreciate the way he opens dialogue that may not be popular among the different factions of Pilates. It’s also nice to hear a Pilates perspective that is distinctly outside the U.S. Overall, the blog is a friendly and engaging read.

Benjamin Degenhardt  (

Benjamin is east coast based and houses his blog at his eponymous site which is also the home to his 360 Pilates Education calendar. It’s fair to say that Benjamin is the darling of the Pilates industry right now. Up and coming teachers know his name and he is a well respected presenter on the Pilates circuit. His personal fascination with Pilates history has garnered him the trust and loyalty of the community. Benjamin is genuinely committed to helping Pilates people think their way through Mr. Pilates original intentions as opposed to blindly following any particular dogma.  Beyond all that, his talent as a graphics designer means the site is lovely to behold and peppered with visually stimulating elements.

Andrea Maida (

You can decide for yourself but I affectionately refer to her as the Pilates pusher.  Based out of the west coast, Andrea feeds us regular passionate classical Pilates content. This gal can sell you anything. She dissects exercises, analyzes routines and examines concepts with a fun but intense delivery. It’s exciting to read and well presented. As a bonus, each column is well illustrated with images for reference.

If you have only room in your inbox for a few Pilates newsletters – the above three should be on the list….

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