Best Pilates Prop Since the Magic Circle!

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Provides resistance in all directions without weights! Meet the TYE4!

Joe Pilates invented the first Pilates prop almost 100 years ago, the ‘Magic Circle.’ It’s still popular today as a staple of Pilates exercise for those who want more challenge. Since that time so many devices have come and gone – all interesting and even effective. As a Pilates instructor for 40 years I’ve tried nearly all of them.


The latest is the TYE4 and it’s different! Surprisingly effective. It entered the scene about 2 years ago and I was among the first to try it. It’s so effective that I use it frequently when instructing my classes as well as during my own private work. I don’t recommend any other prop for Pilates!

Take a look!

Matwork Excerpt from TheMethodPilates on Vimeo.

It is, in my opinion, the most effective Pilates prop ever created and that includes the Magic Circle! It’s a remarkable device – a must-have for any experienced student. Here’s how the inventor, Joan Breibart, describes it on her website at

Wearing Tye4® is like wearing a reformer: resistance is felt all over your body.

Tye4® is a sleek, wearable resistence and assistance system designed to make any exercise more challenging and effective. The Tye4® bungees add 20 pounds of resistance to your workout so you feel and see results more quickly.

Takes less than 2 minutes to slip it on, adjust the banding and bungees, and you are ready to get more form any workout!

Another long-time teacher and colleague, Bob Hannum, has been using it even more frequently than I have. He has this to say on his website at

Without a doubt the BEST Pilates prop EVER invented and that includes the Magic Circle! That’s saying a lot and I mean every word! This is truly a remarkable device and a must-have for any serious practitioner of mat exercises. What this does is create resistance in every direction during each exercise. Without the Tye4 resistance is basically in one direction with gravity….

Well made and durable. Completely adjustable to fit any body. Awkward to use at first but this passes within one session….

For more about the TYE4 including online purchase go to



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