Did He Have To Do Such a Shocking Thing To Make His Point?

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A Leading Voice In the Pilates World May Have Gone Too Far!


A debate about Pilates breathing is raging these days – and below is the post that threw gas on the embers!

It’s by Brett Miller, one of the leading voices in the Pilates world today.

Some people go too far to make a point and this guy is over the top! One thing is certain, he’s not afraid to say – or do! – what he thinks, and he’s stirred a lot of passions for it!

His website and blog at PilatesIntel.com has been rated among the top 5. He may have actually started all the shooting with this shocking post!

Take a look then go to our Facebook Page and voice your opinion! 

Amit’s Cat

I was at Amit’s for a dinner and while sitting at his table this very large creature came into the room making weird gasping sounds.  At first sight I thought it to be a furry, mutated puffer fish that had lost its way out of the sea.  But with a closer examination I made out some ears, whiskers and a tail, and more accurately pegged the creature as a cat.  Amit noticed my furled forehead as I made this taxonomic identification, and proudly let me know that this was his cat, Fiddles, whose lung capacity had increased 3x through breathing techniques.  I applauded the efficacy of his efforts, but wondered aloud if perhaps things had a gone a bit far. The cat was truly weird looking.

“Au contraire, mon frere!” responded our proud cat trainer heatedly, whereupon he jumped onto his chair, and with a diabolic glare in his eyes, challenged me to an online debate on the subject.  I was flustered and at a loss for a response, as my knowledge of dinner party etiquette did not extend to cover this type of situation.  Thus I was forced to fall back upon the Pilates Intel code of conduct, which forbids me from refusing such a challenge.  I accepted on the condition that we immediately share two bottles of wine straight away as an aid to reinstating the filial love we had enjoyed up until this most unfortunate cat conflict.  Amit agreed, and we commenced to doing just that.

catThe softening powers of the wine took effect and I soon had my arms around Amit, tearfully complimenting his fine skill in cat training and the splendid health of Fiddles.  Amit accepted my most gracious compliments with tearful affection, exclaiming that I was the best guest that there ever was and that I, along with all members of my extended family, always had a place within his heart and home.  Fiddles, meanwhile, sat perched perilously on my shoulder, purring with the gusto of a motorcycle engine.  The atmosphere of meaningful and sincere love moved the round cat to lean in to affectionately lick of tear rolling down my face.  But sadly, Fiddles lost his balance, rolled off my shoulder and made impact with some sharp object, whereupon the force of the air leaving Fiddles voluminous lungs propelled him out an open window, never to be seen again.

Yes, it was a tragedy and I am sorry if I have shocked you, but the truth must be told, and we are here to tell it.

Breathing techniques

Nonetheless, if you are still not convinced about the danger of breathing techniques, read on for a less dramatic view point.

The aim of breathing techniques is to increase breathing efficiency.  Efficient breathing is dependent on, obviously, the efficient function of the anatomical parts that are involved in breathing.  And the efficiency of these breathing parts are in turn dependent on other parts with which they are intimately involved with, and those parts are in turn dependent on…..are you getting the picture here?  In short, efficient breathing is fully dependent on the efficient and balanced use of the whole being.  While it may at first seem counterintuitive, the path to more efficient breathing is to forget trying to fix breathing altogether, and instead bring attention to the balance of the whole.

As an example…

For the rest of this excellent post go to http://www.pilatesintel.com/breath1/

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