Get More for Your Core With a Paddleboard

Something Entirely New – Paddleboard Pilates!

Paddleboard Pilates is a new craze because it works your core even more than a standard Pilates workout!

And it’s a great break from your usual exercise routine!

What’s really surprising about this is that all the exercises you feel so familiar with are totally different on a board, as if you have never done them before!

Take a look and then try it!

Paddleboard Pilates making waves in Woodlake, VA


…Are you bored with your regular workout?  It may be time to add a board. A paddleboard, that is.

Doing Pilates on a paddleboard on the water is the fitness craze making waves….

Cindy Birnbaum has become a regular. “It’s fun and it’s different and you’re outside. It just feels very free.”

Instructor Greet France explains it’s all about balance. “You have to take into consideration that the board moves side to side so you really have to brace your core to stay on the board.”….

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