I Used To Hate Fat People – Until I Read This!

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Can I be honest? The only feeling I have that comes close to racism is a dislike of fat people! This article healed me!

Finally I understand my dislike – no let’s get honest – hatred of people who are overweight. I hide it. I never say anything unpleasant to a plus-sized person, but secretly inside it’s a very different story. I also pride myself in being fair and this kind of attitude is NOT fair.


Well, this article healed me of this terrible attitude. Really! Eye-opening! Beautiful!

Take a look!

Plus-size women are using exercise as activism, and it’s glorious

It was a warm summer night and Ragen Chastain was in the middle of a training walk for her first marathon — a solid five miles into a nine mile trek. Suddenly, she was stopped in her tracks by jeers from a passing vehicle.

“I heard someone yell, ‘Yo, fat bitch.’ I thought, Oh, that’s probably me.

As she turned to see who was yelling at her, she was confronted by a car of three men. Then, they started throwing eggs at her.


“They missed me, a 300 pound woman, from 3 feet away,” she says. She laughs. “Mostly, I was concerned about their throwing mechanics.”

Chastain says she can joke about it now, two years later. But being assaulted and shamed for daring to be fat and exercising was terrifying in the moment — and it is a feeling plus-size women know well.

When women are fat shamed, the first thing anyone tells them is to get a gym membership — as if exercise, and thinness, are the magical answer. Yet, the minute a plus-size woman steps foot in gym or dares exercise in public, she can be ridiculed for it….

The story behind the shame

“I’m just concerned for your health.”

It’s the excuse often used by people who body shame to explain their behavior. These shamers claim they are simply concerned that a plus-size woman isn’t taking care of her body, so they give themselves permission to comment in the name of health….

But recent studies have found genetics have a lot more to do with a person’s body size than previously suspected. Though moderate exercise is undoubtedly good for overall health, thinking of exercise success with how someone’s body looks leads to problematic views of plus-size people — and those views create stigma around fat that carry real consequences.

For Chastain, her relationship with exercise hasn’t always been healthy — not from a lack, but abundance.

“I went through a period where I fell into an eating disorder that included compulsive exercising,” she says. “I’ve had to come back from that to fix my relationship with exercise to be a healthy relationship.”

She’s now conscious of how and why she works out, making it a goal to exercise without weight-based goals tied to the practice.

She’s 300 pounds. She exercises. And she says those two things can exist together….

For the rest of this great article go to http://mashable.com/2015/08/29/plus-size-women-exercise/.

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