Less Is More In Fitness, Too!

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Great article about the dangers of over-exercising!

It’s all about balance isn’t it? Not too much of anything, even good things like exercise!

The Sports Nutrition ‘Expert’ Darla Leal at About.com has written a great piece about our propensity to overdo the healthy things in life, and how this only turns them into curses!

A great reminder once in a while to keep our best intentions in check! For us fitness fanatics, a little less exercise may be good for us!

Check it out!

More is Not Better for My Fitness Life


When it comes to fitness, I am not a believer in the “more is better” philosophy. Sometimes doing more exercise, juicing more, supplementing more, and eating more protein for example can come back to bite you in the butt.  When will people realize getting fit and maintaining a healthy body is a simple process and does not require all the “more” believed to be better?

Focused hour workouts that include a variety of cardio, weight training, and flexibility at least 4-times per week are sufficient. Throwing in active rest days and having fun are also part of the exercise week and by all means should be enjoyed.  Nutrition is about eating a healthy and wide variety of all the macronutrients: lean proteins, good carbs, and fats.  Food is our fuel, but our body only requires a certain amount and over-consumption of one can actually have adverse health effects, just as eliminating healthy foods can cause nutrient deficiencies.

If I was conducting a consult with a potential new client who currently spent hours per day in the gym to get lean and buffed, my question would be why? This is a perfect example of the “more is better” thinking when it comes to workouts and no wonder burn-out is happening.  Over-use of joints and even muscle breakdown can occur when the body is over-trained.  Over-training syndrome is actually a thing and breaks down our immunities, prevents muscle growth, and puts unwanted stress on our body. Also, a cycle of exercise addiction may also be at play for those who are caught up in guilt for eating a certain way and psychologically beating themselves up in the gym…..

For the rest of this fine article go to http://stayhealthyfitness.blogspot.com/2015/10/more-is-not-better-for-my-fitness-life.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+StayHealthyFitness+%28Stay+Healthy+Fitness+Blog%29.

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