Mind Over Body With Pilates!

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Our Thoughts Control Our Actions

Interesting account of a Pilates teacher who takes seriously Joseph Pilates’ Contrology Method.

Paying special attention to the words her students use to describe how they feel helps this teacher to change the thoughts of her clients to ones that promote physical and mental health.

Pilates, himself, believed that the mind helped the body and the body, in turn, helped the mind. One did not function optimally without the other.

This is a riveting story of a Pilates teacher who overcomes mental health issues and takes the challenge to her clients with passion.

Inspiring to read!

Do you get headaches sometimes? Do you like 80% of the population get backache? Perhaps you suffer with recurrences of Asthma or Eczema?

Do you have a mental health issue, are you weak, fragile, nuts or fruit loop or any other derogatory terms that might be applied?

Be honest, did you just wince slightly at the last one, did you shift slightly in your seat at the question in a way you didn’t with the previous ones?

I’m a Pilates teacher, I am also a functioning addict with 26 years of disordered eating patterns. In other words I  have a mental health issue just as I have slightly uneven teeth (2 chipped), am long sighted and struggle to hear people if I can’t directly see them talking to me. (I spent a proportion of my childhood with impaired hearing and although I hear fully now I have this odd idiosyncrasy as a legacy)


Do I really see what you see.

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m disclosing such personal information, or perhaps relating to it yourself, perhaps you wondering what on earth it has to do with being a Pilates teacher. The point is I teach a Method that recognizes that what we think affects what we do. Originally called Contrology, the art of applying the mind to discipline the body. Joseph Pilates recognized just how important physical health was in supporting a healthy mind and vice versa. One without the other can leave us vulnerable to depression, anxiety and exhaustion, both physical and mental. As a teacher of corrective exercise I know I’m not a Physiotherapist, I’m not a doctor and I’m not a Psychotherapist. I can however, recognize that when I’m moving bodies I might also just be affecting minds positively or negatively.

Click here to read more and learn her amazing teaching technique: http://seraphinapilates.com/898-2/



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