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Excellent Review of the Tremendous Benefits of Pilates for Long-Distance Runners


Runners are a rare and odd bunch! They generally don’t like to do any other kinds of exercise except when forced upon them by injury or a trainer forces!

This author is the quintessential representative of his tribe – resistant to stepping out of the box, but once he’s out he’ll never go back. In this case the author finds certain Pilates core exercises incredibly beneficial.

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Make me a better runner: Pilates (Part 3) – Training

Having kicked off my Pilates challenge with matwork, I was now ready to level up to equipment-based classes. I signed up to a Tower session at bePilates, not entirely sure what I was letting myself in for but assured that it was perfect to help build a solid core.


To an outsider’s eye (read: my eye), a Pilates Tower looks like a hospital bed or a torture device, or potentially both. However, willing to endure most things in pursuit of regaining my running abilities, I tentatively hopped on board. Turns out, my hesitancy was unfounded – once the features of the Tower are broken down, it’s easy to see how using it in Pilates practice can benefit you…..

If avoiding core work was a sport in itself, I’d be a GB Olympian. I find it dull. It’s a necessary evil that I dodge wherever possible, like going to the dentist. But it’s not just toned abs you’re missing out on by skipping core workouts – a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looked at the 5,000m times of runners who’d followed a six-week core strength training programme, and found that the group with core training ran significantly faster than runners who hadn’t. Core strength also helps stabilize the hips and knees, making injuries such as IT band syndrome and runner’s knee less likely to occur.

While improving my core strength wouldn’t directly fix my injury woes, no runner will turn down the potential to injury-proof themselves and run faster. Using the Tower to add the resistance to classic Pilates core work helped me focus on my deeper core muscles rather than just superficial ones, which would make major headway in correcting my dodgy posture in the long run…..

For the 2 Pilates exercises he found so helpful go to http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/training/make-me-a-better-runner-pilates-part-3/14064.html.

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