Pilates In Your Chair!

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Great Pilates Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Desk!

These are great exercises that don’t take much time, easy to learn and do, and don’t even need you to change clothes or leave your desk!

And they are so effective for breaking up the terrible effects of sitting too long.

Did you know that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ with surprisingly detrimental effects on your body. Researchers suggest a couple minutes of getting up out of your chair or exercises from your chair every 30 minutes.

So take a look!

Pilates Desk Exercises for Work

Pilates Desk Exercises to Balance an Office-Bound Body

If you’re feeling bound up at the end of a workday, it may be more than simply stress or the barrage of emails. The way you sit may be hazardous to your health.

The discipline of Pilates offers tools and techniques to improve your seated posture and counteract the effects of hours of sitting. With regular practice Pilates students find a true connection to their core, a new awareness of alignment and movement, and an appreciation for finding ease and efficiency. Pilates is for every body and can be adapted to everyone from the de-conditioned and injured to the elite athlete.

When applying Pilates principles to the practice of how you sit at work, begin by simply paying attention to your body in space. Right now, stop what you are doing and without judging, notice how you are sitting and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I sitting with my feet flat on the floor and pointing straight ahead?
  • Is my weight evenly distributed between the right and left halves of my body?
  • Am I sitting directly up on the bones of my pelvis (what are colloquially called the “sitz bones” are properly known as the ischial tuberosities), behind them (on my back pockets), or in front of them?
  • Am I lifting my torso up out of my waist with a tall spine or am I sinking down? Is my back rounded or arched?
  • Are my shoulders relaxed down or hiked up around my ears?
  • Finally, is my head balanced over my shoulders and pelvis or it is jutted forward?

Just becoming more aware of your seated posture is a great starting place to countering the demands of sitting. Then, to perfect your posture and cross-train for a day at the office, try these three Pilates exercises.

For more go to http://layoga.com/practice/pilates/pilates-desk-exercises-for-work/.

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