Pilates on a Surfboard – Crazy Hard!

Nobody Does It Better Than Simon Trangmar!

This guy’s an amazing Pilates teacher from Sydney, Down Under! Also a pro surfer and great person! The Pilates mat exercises he does on the board are difficult enough on land! And he nails them! The degree of difficulty is off the charts and he makes it look easy!

The secret here is a regular practice of Pilates, and you don’t need to spend time looking for a local teacher or a lot of money trying to learn it! There’s excellent free instruction here on the internet by very reputable teachers. One of my favorite sources of outstanding free video lessons for beginners by one of the top Pilates teachers is at PilatesLessons.org. You too can get as strong and flexible as Simon in no time, even if Pilates on a surfboard is not for you!

Take a look at these incredible vids!

But wait! It get’s even more incredible…


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