Pilates & Strength Training – Unexpected Benefits!

Important reasons to do Pilates especially if you also do other exercise!

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Truth be told, I do other kinds of exercise besides my daily Pilates mat workout! This is not because Pilates isn’t a full and complete workout. In fact, it IS and it’s one of the few workouts that can give your body everything it needs! But I digress!

I do other exercises nearly every day because my body needs a lot of daily activity – more than most other people I know. I’m not better, just different! Among these other exercise methods that I do is weight lifting.

This article is a very short and interesting view of how Pilates exercise not only builds strength – every Pilates move can build strength – but also how Pilates actually helps any weight-lifting routine.

Have a look!

Here’s how Pilates will benefit your weight training

Why do you lift weights?

To get stronger.
To burn fat and sculpt muscle.
To build bone density and slow the signs of aging.
To improve muscle endurance.
To achieve better mental focus and endurance.

These are also the benefits you enjoy when you practice Pilates.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Pilates method (and its practice) is the perfect complement to your strength-training programme.

Take a look at these five benefits:

1. Improved muscle strength and endurance

Pilates exercises are done in a repetitive sequence. Each time you perform an individual Pilates movement, you try to outperform your previous attempts. It’s this repetition and progressive challenge that builds muscle endurance and stamina. And this endurance is what helps you perform better in other sports – including lifting weights!

In particular, Pilates builds a very strong core. Each exercise is performed with tightened abdominals, and the result is a strong “powerhouse” core.

2. Better defense against injuries

When your body is strong, supple and balanced, you’re less likely to suffer injuries. When you practice Pilates, you build a strong core and actively improve your spinal alignment too. This not only enhances your posture, it promotes more balanced exercise….All of this means you’re less likely to experience sprains, strains and pain.

3. Better fat burning

Pilates may not get your heart pumping the way, say, a sprint around the track might do. But the intensity of some of the exercises will still encourage a healthy “burn” in your muscles. As your muscles get stronger and grow, so your body naturally burns more calories, just to fuel these muscles and also to aid their recovery after a workout…..

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