She Gave Up Everything for the Perfect Job!

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When One Door Closes Another One Always Opens!

A heartbreaking divorce starts a winding road that finally leads to a wildly wonderful opportunity teaching Pilates on a secluded island!

Interestingly jobs like this are available all over the world on cruise ships, private yachts and luxurious resorts. You simply have to google “exotic Pilates jobs” and discover amazing destinations for the adventurous or like Kira, those looking for a new life!

So if you’re in the doldrums or need a little inspiration read this!


Kira Lamb gives up NY job to teach Pilates on a secluded Caribbean island

A blogger and former theater performer has given a peek at what it’s like to leave the city behind to live on a secluded Caribbean island.

Kira Lamb, 45, was living in New York City when she came across the opportunity to teach Pilates at the secluded resort. She had moved back to New York from Los Angeles after a heartbreaking divorce at age 38.

Remembering her decision behind the move, Kira tells Daily Mail Online: ‘When I finally mustered the courage to call my BFF and admit aloud for the first time that I’d been dumped by my husband, the floodgates opened. And through the tears I blurted out “I’m moving back to NYC!”….


Island life: Kira had been living paycheck to paycheck in the New York following a heartbreaking divorce when she came across the opportunity.

‘Of course I had no idea how I was going to uproot my life and start all over. I just knew that I wanted to be back home, surrounded by my tribe,’ she adds. ‘I had only moved to LA because that’s where my ex-husband was based. I was a New Yorker.’

Luckily, Kira came across an audition online for an off-Broadway performance with the same director and same theater she had previously worked with. She applied, got the job and headed to the city hoping to heal ‘and reacquaint myself with my true self.’

However, over the next few years, despite building a side-career as a Pilates instructor and massage therapist with a growing blog, and enjoying a loving group of friends, Kira was miserable.

She not only found herself suddenly back to renting small apartments with roommates, but also in a large amount of debt. Her career as an off-Broadway performer had ended after 20 years and she was living paycheck to paycheck.

And that’s when she saw the ad.

One of her friends had posted it to Facebook. The post was looking for an experienced Pilates/Fitness instructor to teach at an award-winning, private resort on an island in Turks & Caicos for two years. Yet initially, Kira didn’t think about sending in her own resume, and rather reached out to gather information for a friend…..The island has a population of only 300 and Kira was looking at two years away from the city and the rest of the world, uprooting her life once again to live in isolation, and as the only native English speaker on staff. But on the other hand, the venture would have her debt cleared in a year.

She took it.

The adjustment from New Yorker to island dweller was…..

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