Sitting Is the New Smoking And Pilates Is the New Cure!

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Walk around your office every half hour OR…

The latest danger to your health is all that sitting at work and at home – our sedentary lifestyle. Nothing new about that! We all know that we have to get up off the couch and exercise regularly. Right? But wait! There’s a new and shocking wrinkle in this story just revealed by researchers late last year!

Too much sitting creates irreversible problems!

Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic who coined the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking” says this, “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

The cure? Get up out of your chair every 1/2 hour for just 2 minutes. Walk around the office, OR do a few Pilates moves!

Pilates Is the Perfect 2-Minute Break!

No equipment. No changing clothes. No perspiration.

Try any 2!

  1. The 100

1001 75

  • on your back
  • lift your head off the floor
  • lift your legs up 45 degrees off the floor – bend at your knees if you can’t straighten them
  • pump your arms 100 times taking big breaths – try inhaling on 4 pumps and exhaling on 6

2. Cris Cross


  • reach your elbow to your opposite knee
  • reach the other leg long
  • reach the other elbow to the floor
  • reverse
  • repeat the cycle 5 times
  • breathe, breathe, breathe!

3. Leg Circles


  • circle your leg one way 5 times – biggest circles you can do
  • other way 5 times
  • repeat with the other leg
  • take big breaths

4. Rolling


  • wrap your arms around your legs and roll back onto your rounded back
  • try to roll back up – it’s OK to use your feet as momentum to get back up
  • the more you round your back the easier this is
  • breathe!

5. Swimming


  • on your belly, reach your arms and legs long
  • move them rapidly as if you are swimming
  • continue for a count of 5 big breaths

Try any one or two of these for your 2 minute break. Mix it up! Enjoy!

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