The Case For Music in Pilates – What Do You Think?

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Yesterday You Heard the Case Against – Here’s the Other Side!


If you didn’t see yesterday’s post arguing against music in Pilates be sure to take a look – it’s by one of the Pilates world’s best voices and it thoughtfully covers all the points better than any other post I’ve seen on this topic!

And here we have great reasons FOR music during Pilates. It will make you think twice especially if you’re firmly in the ‘no music’ camp as I am!

This adventure all started when my son recently told me that music HELPS him concentrate. For me it’s the opposite, so as a Pilates teacher for 40 years I’ve never had music in my classes. This post (and my son) have made me reconsider!

Have a look!

The Case for Music in Pilates Class

….Insofar as there is simply no one best exercise approach for every single person, I am often heard telling my teachers and my trainees, “Teach to the body”. Every person is unique and each body has it’s own particular needs.

This is also true of learning styles, exercise behaviors and the biggest barrier to exercise that most people encounter – motivation.

If you want to master Pilates or learn the “proper” format, approach and system, leave your headphones out of the equation.  However, if you struggle with any workout that is longer than 5 minutes, or have trouble concentrating in complete silence, adding music to your workout can improve your outcome.

Good Moods and Better Focus

Research tells us that music is a mood booster. For those beginning an exercise program, associating your workout with a positive mood is ideal. Bringing in ambient music to make your fitness routine more pleasant is a no-brainer.  Eventually, you should be able to train your mind to associate exercise with an automatic trigger and a resulting good mood. Using music in the early days can help get you there….

More Bang for your BuckStudies show that some people work out both harder and longer with music…. For some, music can provide just enough distraction to propel them through the last few, and hardest, reps….

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