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Whether you cycle for competition or pleasure, the cyclists is prone to hip and leg stiffness, shoulder pain and ankle issues.

Pilates can help, particularly these 3 simple exercises anyone can do anytime and anywhere without the need for any equipment.

Here they are presented by one of the Pilates world’s best!

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The Priestess of Pilates Shares Three Best Exercises for Cyclists

Sophie Dahl called her the “Priestess of Pilates”, The Times went for the “Queen of Pilates” and The Observer “The First Lady of Pilates.”

It’s fair to say, Lynne Robinson knows her stuff when it comes to Pilates, a form of exercise known for developing core strength, correcting misalignment, and stretching out tight muscles – all things most cyclists could do more of…..

We caught up with her after the class to ask exactly which exercises are best suited to cyclists. She explained: “Most cyclists have weak glutes, and tight hips – so we look to address those areas. My top three would be Spine Curls, The Star and arm opening exercises.”

Spine Curls


Spine curls promote mobilisation of the spine and hips, and also strengthen the back, abs, glutes and hamstrings.

Cyclists often get very tight hips, from pedaling whilst in a static position – and this exercise stretches them out. We’re also prone to overusing our quads, and neglecting the hamstrings and glutes – strengthening these muscles will help you to get more out of every pedal stroke.

How to do it…

  • Start with your knees bent, and your arms at your sides
  • Breathe in first, and then breathe out as you curl your pelvis underneath you
  • Press your upper back into the mat, and then begin to lift yourself off the mat, one vertebra at a time
  • Roll your spine up from the mat, right to the tips of your shoulder blades
  • Breathe in, and hold the position, focusing on the length of your spine
  • Breathe out, and roll the spine back down to the start position. Then repeat this up to ten times.


  • It’s important to take it slowly, lifting one vertebra at a time
  • Keep the weight in your feet equal, so you don’t drop your pelvis to one side


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