The Megaformer – Torture Or Extreme Pilates?

What Do Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Michelle Obama all have in common?

While some prefer Pilates Mat and others prefer Pilates Equipment there seems to be a third choice out there. It is called the ‘megaformer’ and although is is equipment, it’s design is meant for those really serious about their workout. It has the look of a torture chamber but according to some, including many celebrities, it is the one and only workout to  give you major strength, lots of endurance, huge cardio, good balance, core strength, and flexibility training in every move you make.

Now that’s a workout!

But there’s even more good news: everyone, no matter their fitness level, can use the megaformer.

It’s awesome – check it out!

There’s a workout craze sweeping America—and while you might not have known it existed, celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and even First Lady Michelle Obama have been onto it for years now. It’s called Lagree Fitness, or as many like to call it: Pilates on steroids.

Here’s how it’s different: Lagree Fitness is specifically done on a machine called the Megaformer. At first glance, it looks similar to a torture device (and to some could be considered one) because it has springs, straps, and pulleys, all of which are used to add strength training and resistance to Pilates-type moves.

In just 50 minutes on it, you get a high-intensity full-body workout with no impact on your joints or spine. And because it’s so efficient, you only have to do it three times a week to see results. But I do warn, it’s hard.

I’ve been at it for more than a year now at The Studio (MDR) in Los Angeles and it’s the best workout I have ever done. My core is stronger, my mind is stronger, and I like my booty again. The only challenge is that the workout hasn’t gotten easier, and that’s exactly why it works.


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