The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health Besides Exercise

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Fantastic Juice & Smoothie Recipe Book Based On Exciting New Research and Only $7!

Juicing Secrets

We rarely venture beyond exercise issues, but this time is special, because we all know that without sound nutrition all our exercise is a waste!

This is the best recipe book for fresh juices and smooothies that are doctor-recommended to improve your health in powerful ways including boosting the effectiveness of your workouts – and every recipe is science-based, delicious and without added sweeteners.

To order go to

It’s from the ‘Juicing Expert’ at and recommended by 2 medical doctors. The author says he made the price affordable for everyone as a protest against the high cost of medical care.
benefits of juicing

And it’s not just 275 recipes! It’s also all the latest tips and tricks plus a full review of the amazing benefits, how to avoid common mistakes and uncommon dangers, how to do it on a budget, finding greens in your own back yard, juicing for your blood type and many other off-beat and fascinating topics for beginners and long-time enthusiasts alike! Did you know that fresh juices and smoothies are:

-a quick and easy way to get all your daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in just one glass

-more nutritious than the best supplements

-a source of important nutrients such as enzymes that you can’t get in any home-cooked meal or anything bottled or canned

-full of compounds that – in certain combinations – fight many diseases


The unusual aspect of this book is that all the recipes are based on the latest nutritional research to target your health concerns such as weight loss, anti-aging, more energy, better sex, and many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, insomnia, motion sickness, arthritis, memory decline, poor eyesight and many more.

We highly recommend this excellent resource. For more about this book including order info go to

(Editors note: full disclosure, this ebook is by a member of our editorial staff.)

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