Untrained Teachers and Their Effect on Pilates!

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Becky Reijs speaks out about the uncertified Pilates teacher

It’s a problem. You can watch a video and then call yourself a Pilates teacher!

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There’s no law against it though most fitness centers will not let anyone teach without certification and insurance.

But there’s certification and there’s certification! I, for instance, was trained by a Pilates Elder over many years before I ever started teaching, but she never gave me a certificate of any kind. She simply one day said, “You’re ready to teach!”

This is not the norm by any means but it gives you an idea of the range of quality among Pilates instructors.

Here’s a closer look at the issue!

Untrained teachers and their effect on the Pilates industry

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the “weekend warrior”, the teacher who follows the weekend course, watches a dvd, a film on YouTube or even worse, the completely uneducated teacher. These teachers then feel able to go off to the gym or community centre and teach a mat class…..


Whether we like it or not – these people are very often the first port of call for a large portion of the public, therefore becoming the face of Pilates. The confusion about what Pilates is, the devaluation of the method in its credibility, economical and monetary values is a reality, and I believe that the above situation is the root of the problem. However, what can we, as educated teachers do to change it?…….

As anyone can legally call themselves a Pilates teacher, or Pilates teacher trainer, it would be impossible to put a stop to all the weekend courses. Nor can we force all teachers to join a professional association. My question is, could it be that the change has to be made on all levels, from bottom up to top down?Bottom – we need to let teachers see the necessity of education. How can you teach Pilates without a proper comprehensive education? Can you fully understand the method if you have never worked with the apparatus?

Middle – we need to educate the gym owners and managers. If the product that they are selling to the public is better, then their clients will be happier. On an economical level this will increase turnover and create client loyalty, thus boosting business.

Top – we need to create a professional association and approach the organisations that are employing the inadequately trained teachers. I believe that we can create a construction with the gym owners where all teachers of pilates have access to proper education. Responsibility for this task should lie with us as educators. Perhaps this is something we need to initiate here in the Netherlands?…..

For the rest of this fine article go to http://www.pilatesglossy.com/untrained-teachers-effect-pilates-industry.

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