Yoga or Pilates: Which One’s Best For You?

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A Brief Look at the Similarities and Differences!


This is an excellent article by the Fitness Director of a major fitness facility in San Jose, California.

As an instructor of both Pilates and hatha yoga, I find this a brief and informative look at Pilates and yoga. Both are wonderful. Joseph Pilates was familiar with yoga and most likely studied it. No wonder there are many similarities. I do both.

Take a look for yourself!

Yoga or Pilates: Which One’s Right for Me?


Let’s start with the similarities. Both yoga and Pilates fall under the Mind/Body category, meaning that they allow students to focus inside and really listen to their bodies to decide which intensity to choose for a particular exercise. Both formats also emphasize breathing, stress relief, and mindfulness, allowing one to really focus on their body. And lastly, both train flexibility, strength, control, and endurance, which really help when it comes to injury prevention.

Where they differ is on their origins. The practice of yoga originated in Northern India thousands of years ago as a meditation practice to become a better person…….

Pilates, meanwhile, was developed by Joseph Pilates as an exercise program to strengthen the body and increase the immune system. As a child, Joseph Pilates suffered from asthma and other illnesses. He turned to exercise as a way to battle these ailments and, enamored by the ideal of a balanced body, mind and spirit, he began to study various exercise regimens, including yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and boxing……

So how exactly do you know which one is ideal for you? Well, hopefully this short article gives you some insight, but the only way to truly know is to give both a try. ClubSport has a variety of yoga and Pilates classes on the schedule, so pop into one today!

This was posted by Kirsten Johnson, Group Fitness Director at ClubSport San Jose on October 16, 2015. For the complete article go to

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